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who we are

about us

OUR core beliefs

The HIVE Program focuses on the needs and development of youth. We believe that:

•    Each and every life is valuable beyond measure

•    Each child/youth has been created with unique personalities, interests and talents.

•    The full expression of a child’s potential can be hindered by damaging forces of poverty, broken homes, health crises,          and systemic injustices.

•    Building trusting relationships with peers and adults strengthens a child’s healthy sense of self

•    Positive values, both modeled and taught, provide children with tools for a successful life

Partnering with st. peter lutheran church

From day one, the people of St. Peter Lutheran Church, under the leadership of Pastor Misael Fajardo, welcomed the idea of providing an after-school space for children and youth living in the surrounding Willard neighborhood. The warmth and hospitality of this unique congregation, which has existed in Santa Ana for over 110 years(!), continue to provide us with support and encouragement. The HIVE is blessed to be housed in the beautiful grounds of St. Peter's.  

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our director

"Love is at the heart of the HIVE...
love for each child, youth, parent, volunteer. When an individual knows they are loved and capable of loving, anything is possible.”
Laura Caraccio, HIVE Director


OUR history

 In 2014 a previous charitable organization opened a Child’s Resource Center in Santa Ana for struggling families. In the spring of 2019, after five years of dedicated service, the Center closed. Three of its volunteers saw the importance of keeping the close-knit group of kids together. They approached St. Peter Lutheran Church, located in the same Santa Ana neighborhood (Willard) to discuss ways to help the children. A partnership was formed and after successfully completing a summer pilot program in 2019, the HIVE Youth Program was launched on January 6, 2020 - the Feast of the Epiphany. The day was marked by a gathering of youth, families, volunteers, good food, and a blessing of thanks and hope from Pastor  Misael. Since 2020, other children in the neighborhood have joined the HIVE community!


A beehive is a superb example from nature of the power of individuals working together for the common good.  They are excellent communicators, able to give directions to one another about food and water sources by performing a waggle dance! And in cold winter months bees huddle together in their hive providing warmth to each other in what’s called a “winter cluster”.


The HIVE Youth Program is a place for children and youth to receive a warm welcome and feel a sense of belonging.  Just as in a beehive, students work together to help each other find success. And in difficult times, we are here for one another to provide warmth and support. Our ties to one another are sweet as honey!

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